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portrait Michael Stoss
Flensburg Harbour from Aboard the "Frieda" Traditional Ship
Flensburg, Northernmost Germany
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Copyright © 2005 Michael Stoss, All Rights Reserved
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During a stay at my parents home on the German west coast, I took a chance on this sunny Saturday to shoot some panoramas in nearby Flensburg. This one was special, since the owner of the former traditional fishing vessel "Frieda von Hadersleben" agreed to let me take a panorama from aboard this really beautyful ship.
Not too many years ago, Flensburg was a city in decline, presenting many of the old buildings in desperate condition. The former superior medieval natural harbour at the end of the Flensburg fjord was left with small tax free shopping vessels, meant to trade outside the nearby german border at sea ( - the "Butterschiffe", despite their popular name mostly selling cigarettes and whiskey, not butter). When the European Union toll rules were changed, these vessels vanished too. Nevertheless Flensburg managed to turn its fate and in the course of only a few years, the harbour side and the whole town made it to my favourite under the german baltic towns ( - as long as the town of Stralsund has to go the Flensburg way yet).

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 54° 47' 19" N
Longitude: 9° 25' 56" E
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June 18th 2005, 14:50 local time

Canon EOS 300D with Peleng 8mm, Manfrotto 303SHP Panohead, RAW, PTGui, PS CS, Cubic Converter/Cubic Connector

Some information on the ship and her skipper (sorry, german text only): http://www.expeditionsmaler.de/frieda.htm

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