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portrait George Row
Six–Seater Swing
Pennyburn Playtrail, Derry, Northern Ireland, UK
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Very Derry
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This panorama shows Niamh, Donncha and Moya (two sisters and their brother) enjoying the six-seater swing at the Pennyburn Playtrail in Derry.

This swing is in one of a series of interconnected play areas along the Pennyburn Playtrail.

The Playtrail was created (and is operated) by a consortium of local community, local government and educational organisations with funding from several charitable trusts.

During the school day it is used by children from local schools and once the school day is over it is available to young people from the local community. Parts of it are sometimes booked for family events such as birthday parties.

Apart from this swing, this adventure play area includes a 20m zip-line and assorted climbing structures.

The full trail stretches for a kilometre with other areas including: a sensory garden containing specialised equipment to excite the senses of children & young people, a junior play area, a 200-seat outdoor auditorium, a nature trail, the Playtrail Visitor Centre, an environmental house (highlighting sustainable building techniques), an orienteering course and a community horticulture scheme that includes 60 allotments

The Playtrail also has a facebook page.

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 55° 1' 6.36" N
Longitude: 7° 18' 56.63" W
Elevation: 50
Precision is: High. Pinpoints the exact spot.

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June 24, 2011, 15:30 BST

The source images were taken on a Canon EOS 5D, with a Zenitar 16mm fisheye f/2.8 lens. The camera was mounted on a Kaiden Kiwi panorama adapter on a Manfrotto 190XDB tripod.

Horizontal photographs were taken at 60° angles and also two ground shots and a sky shot. Each "shot" consisted of three bracketed exposures from +2 to -2 stops.

Extra shots were taken to catch the movement of the swings. The separate images were combined using Hugin. Hugin in turn invoked Enfuse to achieve a High Dynamic Range-type result.

I have made printable versions of this panorama from Pennyburn Play Trail, available via my Red Bubble portfolio of prints, cards and calendars of Derry and beyond. I have also used that site to make available printable versions of some of my other WWP panoramic photograhs.

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