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Family – A World Wide Panorama

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decoA VR panorama (VR for virtual reality) is a specially created computer image that goes all the way around the viewer. It is a revolutionary way to document a particular place and time - the next best thing to being there.

VR panoramas are interactive. Use the mouse to rotate the panorama, use Shift and Control to zoom in and out.


by Boštjan Burger

In human context the family is the basic nucleus of the human society. Woman and a man with the kid(s) – this is a nuclear family. That is still in traditional societies… is this true? Maybe in a Western world but definitely not in other societies where the family can be a group of woman with kids (matrilocal family) and men are only visitors but not really part of the family as a group. Even the western definition of the nuclear family is changing nowadays. But the red line of definitions of the families is a society which produces and raises children. Photography and publishing photos of the children is quite tricky job nowadays but would be great to see panos with children which are the basic element of the family. You can not miss the theme even with one child. All we were part of the family at least once, right? Kindergarten is somehow the extension or better the very necessary service for the family. Family starts with the newborn first child and midwife is usually the person who helps at birth. Maternity hospital can be the idea. Cemetery is the last “station” in a process of a life. In some cultures families have small temples or family graves … like from the Romeo and Juliet story. What about the family house? In some small countries all citizens are practically related and are part of one big family.
But let’s see broader… what about the macro panorama of the anthill, termitarium or bee house? It is the time and season when animals are with the cubs. Mother duck with the ducklings or bitch with her young … or simply; as it is along the family theme also a forest all year event; the panorama of the forest where we can find families of the plants, insects, etc … . Use your imagination in a traditional or a provocative way and visualize your idea with the panorama.

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