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portrait Giorgio Marchetto
The natural bridge of Veja
Bridge of veja, Lessinia Mountains, Verona, Veneto, Italy
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Copyright © 2004 Giorgio Marchetto, All Rights Reserved
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The bridge of Veja represents the entrance architrave of an ancient karstic cave which underwent the collapse of its central vault caused by stream bank erosion.
The longest distance between the bases of its piers is 52 metres, and the highest point of its archway reaches 29 metres.
The archway is made up of red ammonite limestones, whereas the "pile" (piers) are composed of yellow oolite limestones - a much more friable and easily erodible kind of limestone, indeed.
According to the tradition, Dante Alighieri drew inspiration from the bridge of Veja while describing the "Malebolge" in his "Inferno".
The Renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna even depicted it in many of his paintings.
Some attractive caves enrich the bridge surroundings, and a little stream flows beyond the archway by forming a pretty little waterfall.
On one side of the bridge is the entrance of a 170-metre long, 10-metre high cave, and another 37-metre long, 8-metre high one extends southwards. Both the caves were inhabited by prehistoric men since the inferior Paleolithic era.

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 45° 36' 13" N
Longitude: 10° 58' 39" E
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September 19, 2004 - 2.30 pm (+1.00)

Coolpix5000/FC-E8/Kaidan Kiwi 5000/Photomatix Pro, PTGUI 3.6 + Enblend, Adobe Photoshop CS, Realviz Stitcher 4.0

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Giorgio Marchetto personal website

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