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placeholder Peter McCready
The UK's Most Advanced 360-degree Ships Bridge Simulator Suite
Lairdside Maritime Centre (Part of Liverpool John Moores University), Birkenhead, England, UK
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Virtual Reality within Virtual Reality courtesy of the view from Bridge 1 at the Lairdside Maritime Centre, the UK's most advanced 360-degree Ships Bridge Simulator suite.

Incorporating two similarly equipped secondary bridges for simultaneous interactive single and multiple ship training scenarios, three instructor control stations, a Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) control station and a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) control station, the Centre provides an exceptionally realistic, versatile and, most importantly, completely safe virtual reality environment for training, research and role-play.

Kongsberg's legendary Norcontrol Polaris Ships Bridge Simulator hardware (incorporating radar, ECDIS, GPS, Loran-C and AIS navigational aids, a GMDSS communications system, and bridge elements that can be repositioned or replaced in order to facilitate specific ship type training or a particular client's needs), and SeaView R5 software (incorporating an oceanographics statistics based surface wave model with whitewater effects, dynamic skies, and rotating Ferris wheels, windmills and antennas to name but a few of the many, many features!) is at the heart of the operation, incorporating comprehensive quadraphonic sound within each bridge in order to allow the scene to be set for restricted visibility navigation.

Special thanks to Captain Peter A. Woods (RD*, MNI, MInstPet, AMUSNI, RNR(rtd)), Simulator Manager/Senior Lecturer for facilitating this fascinating glimpse into a truly unique facility.

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 53° 22' 48" N
Longitude: 3° 0' 42" W
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12:30pm GMT, 22 September 2004


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