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About the Photographer

Moscow, Russia

AirPano is a Moscow-based group of panorama enthusiasts. We are focused on high-resolution aerial panoramas.

During the next 3-5 years the AirPano team is going to shoot aerial panoramas and create virtual tours of the most significant and interesting cities and corners of the planet.



wwp1211: Best Of 2011 / Full-Screen
Night in Las Vegas – a Bird's-Eye View
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
wwp911: History / Full-Screen
Remembering 9/11, 3D Digital Remastering
The World Trade Center (WTC) in the southern part of Manhattan, New York, USA
wwp2011: International Year of Forests / Full-Screen
Forest around the Ciudad Dorada Gold Mines
Ciudad Dorada, Venezuela
wwp1210: Best Of 2010 / Full-Screen
Golden Eagles Fly to Moscow
Moscow, Russia
wwp910: Crossroads / Full-Screen
Chicago at Sunset
Chicago, Illinois, USA
wwp610: Forgotten Places / Full-Screen
At the Ends of the Earth
Swiss-Italian border, about 4.700 meters (15.000 feet) high

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