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About the Photographer

Michel Thoby

Baziège, Haute-Garonne, France

After spending some time in Aeronautics, I switched to Rockets and Space Projects Management. It has been an exciting and busy occupation for more than 34 years.

During this long while, I travelled most of the world to cooperate with numerous countries, organizations and companies.

I have happily retired. Having been an Amateur Photographer since 1965, I naturally started trying making panoramas or object movies by stitching images in the mid-90's.



wwp1214: Best of 2014 / Full-Screen
Horse Shoes Galore
Toulouse, France
wwp914: Ruins / Full-Screen
Ruins, Now a Shelter for Beehives
Baziège, France
wwp913: Mortality / Full-Screen
AZF: Twelve Years After
Toulouse, France
wwp613: Machines / Full-Screen
The dog takes a ride on the big machine, as usual...
Baziège, France
wwp313: Scale / Full-Screen
Distance Scale
Baziège, France
wwp1212: Best Of 2012 / Full-Screen
"Les Machines de l'Ile"
Nantes, France
wwp312: Paths / Full-Screen
Agricultural Paths
Baziege, France
wwp1211: Best Of 2011 / Full-Screen
Mist in the Country
Baziège, France
wwp911: History / Full-Screen
French Civil Aviation was Born Here
Toulouse-Montaudran, France
wwp611: Family / Full-Screen
Ultimate Residences for Families
Baziège; France
wwp311: Limits / Full-Screen
Closed Road
Baziège, France
wwp1210: Best Of 2010 / Full-Screen
Mediterranean Landscape in Winter
Collioure, Catalonia, France
wwp910: Crossroads / Full-Screen
Playing Bowls Over the Busy Freeway
Montgiscard, France
wwp610: Forgotten Places / Full-Screen
One of the Earliest Aeronautical Light Beacons
Baziège, France
wwp310: Food / Full-Screen
For the Birds
Baziege, France
wwp1209: Best Of 2009 / Full-Screen
Palmate Cave
Mobile location, France
wwp609: Time / Full-Screen
The Persistence of Memory and Relativity Revival
Baziège, France
wwp309: Diversity / Full-Screen
Mus Musculus is Domesticated
Baziège, France
wwp1208: Best Of 2008 / Full-Screen
Moon Halo
Baziège, France
wwp908: Color / Full-Screen
Digital Kaleidoscope Painting
Baziège, France
wwp608: Elevation / Full-Screen
Le Sacré-Coeur de Marie: Elevation 7.6 m
Baziege, France
wwp308: Beginnings / Full-Screen
Crescent Egg
Baziège, France
wwp108: Wrinkle Tribute / Full-Screen
A380 is Near Landing Where She was Born
Montlaur (East and near Toulouse), France
wwp1207: Best of 2007 / Full-Screen
464°F Continued
Baziège, France
wwp907: Sustenance / Full-Screen
Baziege, France
wwp607: Community / Full-Screen
Performing Some Tests for the Community
My Home in France
wwp307: Atmosphere / Full-Screen
Above and Under
Baziège, France
wwp1206: Best of 2006 / Full-Screen
Equestrian Festival
Calmont (31), France
wwp906: Transportation / Full-Screen
Raison d'être of Land Transportation
Baziège, France
wwp606: Gardens / Full-Screen
Garden, wild cherry tree & seasons
Baziege, France
wwp306: Borders / Full-Screen
I Could Have Been a Pet
Baziege, France
wwp905: Energy / Full-Screen
Very High Voltage
Baziege, France
wwp605: Water / Full-Screen
Near Toulouse, France
wwp305: Marketplace / Full-Screen
Saint-Sernin Flea Market
Toulouse, France
wwp1204: Sanctuary / Full-Screen
Graveyard for very old ploughs
Baziege near Toulouse, France
wwp904: Bridges / Full-Screen
Le pont de l'écluse du sanglier - Bridge of the wild boar locks
Near Baziege, 25km SE of Toulouse, France

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