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About the Photographer

Willy Kaemena
Bremen, Germany

Born in 1950 in Bremen Germany, Mecanical Engineer, Worked for a large german company in the construction of industrial plants all over the world. Hobby photographer.

Current Equipment: Macintosh MacBookAir 13", iMac 27 i7 , Nikon D800 and Nikkor 10.5mm and Nikkor 16mm, PTGUI

First contact with QTVR 1997, first QTVRs in 1998 (QTVRAS)

First cubic VR in 2002 with Nikon 5000/ FE Converter and Panoweaver

More than 4000 panoramas done worldwide since 2004 with Nikon SRL D70/D200/D300/D800 and Sigma8 / Nikkor8 and Nikkor10.5 and 16mm



wwp1214: Best of 2014 / Full-Screen
View from Eiffel Tower in Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
wwp1213: Best of 2013 / Full-Screen
Car Storage
Wolfsburg, Germany
wwp1212: Best Of 2012 / Full-Screen
207m Above Berlin at Night
Berlin, Germany
wwp312: Paths / Full-Screen
Medieval Alleyway
Bremen, Germany
wwp1211: Best Of 2011 / Full-Screen
Linz, Austria
wwp911: History / Full-Screen
1,000 Years of History
Bremen, Germany
wwp311: Limits / Full-Screen
River Barrage
Bremen, Germany
wwp1210: Best Of 2010 / Full-Screen
Flying Over the Weser Tower
Bremen, Germany
wwp910: Crossroads / Full-Screen
Rhine Waterway/Railway Crossing
Cologne (Köln), Germany
wwp610: Forgotten Places / Full-Screen
Bunker F56
Bremen, Germany
wwp310: Food / Full-Screen
German Bratwurst
Bremen, Germany
wwp1209: Best Of 2009 / Full-Screen
Chicago, Bird's Eye View
Chicago, Illinois, USA
wwp909: Performing Arts / Full-Screen
The Year-Round Performer
Bremen, Germany
wwp609: Time / Full-Screen
Listening to the Time
Bremen, Germany
wwp309: Diversity / Full-Screen
Lack of Diversity
Bremen, Germany
wwp1208: Best Of 2008 / Full-Screen
Apple Fan Community
Munich, Germany
wwp908: Color / Full-Screen
Colors of Late Summer
Bremen, Germany
wwp608: Elevation / Full-Screen
Elevated View of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
wwp308: Beginnings / Full-Screen
Spring is Around the Corner
Bremen, Germany
wwp108: Wrinkle Tribute / Full-Screen
Cold Winter
Bremen, Germany
wwp1207: Best of 2007 / Full-Screen
The Campanile at Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley, California, USA
wwp907: Sustenance / Full-Screen
Sustainable Mobility
Tostedt, Germany
wwp607: Community / Full-Screen
VR Community
University of California, Berkeley, California, USA
wwp307: Atmosphere / Full-Screen
History is in the Air
Palmyra, Syria
wwp1206: Best of 2006 / Full-Screen
Transeuropean Night
Euro Night Train in Vienna/Austria on the way to Hamburg/Germany
wwp906: Transportation / Full-Screen
Syrian Minibus
Damascus, Syria
wwp606: Gardens / Full-Screen
Arabian Gardens
Damascus, Syria
wwp306: Borders / Full-Screen
Foreign "Prisoners"
In the Algerian Mountains, Algeria
wwp1205: Best of 2005 / Full-Screen
The Origin of the Port Wine
Vila Nova de Gaia / Porto, Portugal
wwp905: Energy / Full-Screen
Clean Power for Clean Transport
Carregado Thermal Power Plant, Portugal
wwp605: Water / Full-Screen
Water Cascade
Lisbon, Portugal
wwp305: Marketplace / Full-Screen
Mercado do Livramento
Setúbal, Portugal
wwp1204: Sanctuary / Full-Screen
Belém (Bethlehem)
Lisboa, Belém, Portugal
wwp904: Bridges / Full-Screen
Ponte de 25 de Abril, Lisboa Portugal (Two Node VR Tour)
Tagus River (Almada), Lisbon, Portugal

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