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Events: Quarter I, II, III and IV / 2019

Q I/2019: Confusion
Q II/2019: Revival
Q III/2019: Continuity
Q IV/2019: Best Of 2019

Essay for "Continuity":

When you look up “continuity“ in a well known web-encyclopedia, your first hits will be in the field of mathematics and science: Continuous Probability Distribution, Law of Continuity, Graph Continuity, Scott Continuity, Kolmogorov Continuity Theorem, Continuity Test, Continuous Wave and so on… Undoubtedly there are fascinating ideas behind these concepts and theories. For some …

In our everyday life, the question of continuity in seen more in a social sense, as in politics, society, family or sports.

It is widely accepted that a total lack of continuity is generally not a good thing. It’s omission is associated with disruption, unrest, unstable systems, sharp breaks, loss of family or knowledge, lack of wholeness and even revolution.

But is continuity in itself a good thing?

That totally depends on the concept or structure that is being continued.

In politics for example there are some nations on this earth where small groups or families have established a system of government with very high continuity. Some without most of the civic rights known to democratic societies. In some of those states a growing number of inhabitants tends more towards revolution than towards continuity. On the other hand, some other nations hold their continuous leaders or figureheads in great esteem and in turn enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

There are also situations and societies where continuity is highly desirable, and not just for the people.

The passing on to following generations of old skills, art, philosophical and religious ideas, teachings and values are shining examples. Over the centuries those societies have developed mostly good traditions which are ensuring a continuity for a good, free, creative and humane life.

Throughout the world, countries, organisations and individuals are working to preserve endangered species both wild and domestic, and their habitat, hoping to ensure them of some continuity. Seed banks and DNA repositories have been established to preserve genetic material for future generations.

In stable settings and environments, good traditions can ensure a good continuity for society and the world as a whole. However presently we are experiencing massive changes in the global climate that are going to affect so many aspects of our life worldwide very deeply.

What does “Continuity” mean to you?

Essay for "Revival":

Some ideas refuse to die. The WWP is one of them. Through many years and trials we’ve pulled through, and become a bigger and better community for it.

Our next theme is “Revival”. Not just our Revival, but a celebration of the Revival of everything that is worth while.

Look around you and see that which is old … and has become new again. Tell us about it in pictures.

Often Revivals take a new and exciting perspective on old ideas. Sometimes they just can’t be improved on …

Some things to think about and get you started:

Essay for "Confusion":

Confusion : a state in which everything is out of order. (Merriam-Webster)
Confusion : at loose ends Unsettled, undecided, lacking direction or goal; uncommitted to one’s present position and uncertain of one’s future status. A loose end is anything that is left hanging or not properly attached, as a piece of fabric or a seemingly superfluous detail. (The free dictionary by Farlex)

Feel free with the panoramic interpretation of confusion.

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