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Participant Index - Regional

| Artistica (non-photographic) | Asia | Australia - New Zealand | Europe |
| Latin America | Pacific Ocean | USA-Canada

Africa arrow Tunisia
Nurcan Azaz / Full-Screen
Limits of a Holiday
Tunis, Tunisia

Artistica (non-photographic)
| Africa | Asia | Australia - New Zealand | Europe |
| Latin America | Pacific Ocean | USA-Canada

Panoramic Paintings | Virtual worlds
Artistica (non-photographic) arrow Panoramic Paintings
Iñaki Rezola / Full-Screen
Selinunte, Sicily, Italy

Artistica (non-photographic) arrow Virtual worlds
Caroling Geary / Full-Screen
Color Cube
Computer Model

| Africa | Artistica (non-photographic) | Australia - New Zealand | Europe |
| Latin America | Pacific Ocean | USA-Canada

China | Japan | Philippines | Taiwan
Asia arrow China
Jesse Lee 李景超(鱼眼龙) / Full-Screen
Limit on The Olympic Road
Beijing, China
Vincent Tao / Full-Screen
路口的限制标识 — The Junction Logo Limit
中国北京顺义奥运大道马坡 — Olympic Boulevard, Mapo, Shunyi, Beijing, China

Asia arrow Japan
Yoshiyuki Kaneko / Full-Screen
Limit of Handheld
Sado Island, Niigata, Japan
Rikuichi Kishimoto / Full-Screen
Spring in Japan
Himeji Castle, Hyogo, Japan
Nakaoka Hideto / Full-Screen
Darkness for a Bright Future
Tokyo, Japan
Masato Ohta (heiwa4126) / Full-Screen
Stability Power Limit
Kawasaki, Japan
Keiji Yokotani / Full-Screen
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Asia arrow Philippines
Fung Yu / Full-Screen
Street Painting
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Asia arrow Taiwan
Walker Young / Full-Screen
The Bowl of Righteousness — 義碗風範
Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan — 新竹縣新埔鎮,寮褒忠義民廟

Australia - New Zealand
| Africa | Artistica (non-photographic) | Asia | Europe |
| Latin America | Pacific Ocean | USA-Canada

Australia | New Zealand
Australia - New Zealand arrow Australia
Chas Adlard / Full-Screen
Older than the Carbon Dating Limit
Sacred Canyon, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Colin Ewington / Full-Screen
Limited Life Span
Bundoora, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Australia - New Zealand arrow New Zealand
Michael Bajko / Full-Screen
The Land's Limit: Closest Perigee, Lowest (King) Tide for 2011
Piha Beach, Waitakere, Auckland Super City, Aotearoa/New Zealand

| Africa | Artistica (non-photographic) | Asia | Australia - New Zealand |
| Latin America | Pacific Ocean | USA-Canada

Austria | Czech Republic | Estonia | France | Germany | Hungary | Italy | Netherlands | Poland | Russia-Urals West | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | UK-England | UK-Northern Ireland | UK-Scotland
Europe arrow Austria
Alois Wechselberger / Full-Screen
Star Wars
Tirol, Austria

Europe arrow Czech Republic
Martin Hrdlička / Full-Screen
Aerial Panorama
Pardubice, Czech Republic

Europe arrow Estonia
Andrew Bodrov / Full-Screen
Patarei Prison
Tallinn, Estonia

Europe arrow France
Christian Braut / Full-Screen
Pompidou Centre
Paris, France
Guillaume Fulchiron / Full-Screen
Fake Chimneys, Real Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation
Lyon, France
Dieter Kik / Full-Screen
Speed Limits and Crawling Snails
Drennec, Clohars-Fouesnant, Finistere, France
Carsten T. Rees / Full-Screen
No Limits?
Nuclear Power Plant Fessenheim, Alsace, France
Michel Thoby / Full-Screen
Closed Road
Baziège, France

Europe arrow Germany
Markus Altendorff / Full-Screen
At The Limits
Near Schäflohe, Bavaria, Germany
Gabi Haindl / Full-Screen
Tunnel Drilling — Off Limits!
Eppstein im Taunus, Hessen, Germany
Michael Hundrieser / Full-Screen
Limited Amount of Energy
Hamburg, Germany
Willy Kaemena / Full-Screen
River Barrage
Bremen, Germany
Bert Knops / Full-Screen
The Sky is the Limit
Wind farm near Vetschau, district Aachen, Germany
Erik Krause / Full-Screen
Successful Limit
Wyhl, Kaiserstuhl, southwest corner of Germany
Nick Qusst / Full-Screen
Monschau, Germany
Joakim Löber / Full-Screen
Eberstadt, Hessen, Germany
Markus Matern / Full-Screen
Limited Access for Bicycles
Munich, Olympic Park, Germany
Jürgen Matern / Full-Screen
At the Upper Limit of the Pole
Olympic Park, Munich, Germany
Ulrich Metz / Full-Screen
Protest Against Nuclear Power
Tübingen, Germany
Beate de Nijs / Full-Screen
Boy Bound to Bed and Room
near Munich, Germany
Reinhard Schmolze / Full-Screen
The Limit of Stupidity
Neckarwestheim, Germany
Tom! Striewisch / Full-Screen
Limits of Visi[on|bilty]
Essen, Ruhrgebiet, NRW, Deutschland

Europe arrow Hungary
Viktor Balogh / Full-Screen
Earth Hour 2011
Budapest, Hungary

Europe arrow Italy
Roberto Mancuso / Full-Screen
Between Sky and Earth
Linate airport, Milan, Italy

Europe arrow Netherlands
Arie P. de Ruiter / Full-Screen
Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Henk Keijzer / Full-Screen
Lower Limit
Water-level gauge, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Europe arrow Poland
Marcin Mróz / Full-Screen
Training Sprint Cup Pomeranian 4x4
Komaszewo, Poland
Piotr Popik / Full-Screen
Royal Castle
Dobczyce, Poland
Maciej G. Szling / Full-Screen
Wdżar 767 m n.p.m.
Kluszkowce, Poland, Europe

Europe arrow Russia-Urals West
Vladimir Popov / Full-Screen
Urban Skiing
Moscow, Russia
Andrew Varlamov / Full-Screen
St. Nicholas' Church on the Lipno Islet (1292)
Lipno islet, 8 km south of Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Europe arrow Slovakia
Cibula Vincent / Full-Screen
Walking Race
Dudince, Slovakia

Europe arrow Slovenia
Borut Bencak / Full-Screen
Limit of Courage
Planica, Slovenia
Boštjan Burger / Full-Screen
Someone had the Courage...
Slivje, Slovenija

Europe arrow Spain
Jaime Brotons / Full-Screen
Villena from the Air
Villena, Spain
Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano, PhD / Full-Screen
Beach of the Hermitage — Playa de la Ermita
Santa Pola (Alicante), Spain
Manuel Gimón López / Full-Screen
San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain
Jaume Llorens / Full-Screen
Benedictine Lake Limits
Banyoles, Catalonia, Spain
Miguel Sepúlveda / Full-Screen
Memory Unlimited
Zahara de la Sierra, Cadiz, Spain

Europe arrow Sweden
Jann Lipka / Full-Screen
Uppsala University End Station
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, Europe
Lennart Mollerstrom / Full-Screen
Stockholm, Sweden

Europe arrow Switzerland
Dani Fuchs / Full-Screen
Suvorov Bridge
Muota Canyon, Schwyz, Switzerland
Rolf Ris / Full-Screen
Retaining Dam Limits the Waterflow
Olten, Switzerland

Europe arrow UK-England
Robert Bilsland / Full-Screen
Trying to Limit the Possible Damage
Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, England, UK
John Houghton / Full-Screen
Churchyard of St. Mary's
Lower Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England
Eva Pitt / Full-Screen
Within the Limits of my Car
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK-England
Andy Savage / Full-Screen
The Former Derby Canal Junction at Swarkestone
Swarkestone, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Europe arrow UK-Northern Ireland
George Row / Full-Screen
Slieve Binnian — Limits of Visibility
Mourne Mountains, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK

Europe arrow UK-Scotland
James Gentles / Full-Screen
Charlestown Harbour
Forgotten harbour on Fife's southwest coast, Scotland, UK
John Leith / Full-Screen
The John Rae Memorial
St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney, UK
Robin Wilson / Full-Screen
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
John Wilson / Full-Screen
River Don
Aberdeen, UK

Latin America
| Africa | Artistica (non-photographic) | Asia | Australia - New Zealand |
| Europe | Pacific Ocean | USA-Canada

Chile | Costa Rica | Cuba | Mexico | Netherlands Antilles | Venezuela
Latin America arrow Chile
Patricio Armijo / Full-Screen
Quebrada Coya
Quebrada de Coya, Sexta Region, Chile

Latin America arrow Costa Rica
Isaac Martinez / Full-Screen
China vs. Costa Rica
San José during New National Stadium's Opening Ceremony, San José, Costa Rica

Latin America arrow Cuba
aleksandar janicijevic / Full-Screen
Plaza de Dolores
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Latin America arrow Mexico
Charles M. (Chuck) Lampman / Full-Screen
Leaving for a Night Dive
Cozumel, Mexico

Latin America arrow Netherlands Antilles
Andre de Molenaar / Full-Screen
Oranje Pan (Red Slave)
Kralendijk, Bonaire

Latin America arrow Venezuela
Gerardo A. Sanchez / Full-Screen
Chama River / Río Chama
Mérida, Venezuela

Pacific Ocean
| Africa | Artistica (non-photographic) | Asia | Australia - New Zealand |
| Europe | Latin America | USA-Canada

New Caledonia | USA-Hawaii
Pacific Ocean arrow New Caledonia
Richard Chesher / Full-Screen
Zero Limit Dawn Horizon
Ilot Mato, South Lagoon, New Caledonia

Pacific Ocean arrow USA-Hawaii
Norman Shapiro / Full-Screen
Swanzy Beach Park
Kaaawa, Hawaii, USA

| Africa | Artistica (non-photographic) | Asia | Australia - New Zealand |
| Europe | Latin America | Pacific Ocean

Canada-British Columbia | Canada-New Brunswick | Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador | Canada-Ontario | Canada-Quebec | USA-Arizona | USA-California | USA-Florida | USA-Illinois | USA-Maryland | USA-Minnesota | USA-Nebraska | USA-New Jersey | USA-New York | USA-Pennsylvania | USA-Rhode Island | USA-South Carolina | USA-Texas | USA-Washington
USA-Canada arrow Canada-British Columbia
Bob Bright / Full-Screen
Panama Lake
Panama Flats, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Uri Cogan / Full-Screen
Toro Nagashi in Canada
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
Margaret Shorter / Full-Screen
Boats on Pitt River
Pitt River, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

USA-Canada arrow Canada-New Brunswick
Jim Watters / Full-Screen
Mill Brook, New Brunswick, Canada

USA-Canada arrow Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador
Kenneth A. Butt / Full-Screen
The Most Easterly Point in North America
Cape Spear, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

USA-Canada arrow Canada-Ontario
Robert Agnel / Full-Screen
Limits of Mother Nature
Community Park, Ottawa, Canada
Francis Fougere / Full-Screen
The Downtown Hamilton Limits of Winter Snow
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Alex Makienko / Full-Screen
Spring Expands Limits
Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada

USA-Canada arrow Canada-Quebec
Dean Karamehmedovic / Full-Screen
Laval, Montreal, QC, Canada

USA-Canada arrow USA-Arizona
Ned Chiariello / Full-Screen
Luke Air Force Base
Glendale, Arizona, USA
David Schaubert / Full-Screen
National Limits
USA/Mexico Border Crossing, Lukeville, Arizona, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-California
G. Donald Bain / Full-Screen
The Sacramento River at its Flood Limit
The Sacramento River from Tower Bridge, Sacramento, California, USA
Sergio J Blandon / Full-Screen
Ed Roberts Campus "No Limits Here"
Berkeley, California, USA
John E Schwarzell / Full-Screen
Many Limits and Homage to Trees
Canoga Park, California, USA
Pat Swovelin † / Full-Screen
Man's limits ...
Canyon Country Park, Canyon Country, California, USA
Richard Wall / Full-Screen
Ranunculus Flower Limits
Carlsbad, California, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Florida
Kerry Rudy / Full-Screen
Limiting Speed on Main Street
Kissimmee, Florida, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Illinois
Richard C. Drew / Full-Screen
Greatness Comes from Breaking Limits
Chicago's South Side, Chicago, Illinois, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Maryland
Clifford P. Williams / Full-Screen
The Awakening
National Harbor in Prince George's County, Maryland, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Minnesota
Edward S. Fink / Full-Screen
Spring Flooding on the Mississippi River
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Tom Merchant / Full-Screen
River Overflows Road High-Water Limit
Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Nebraska
Marc W. Huff / Full-Screen
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-New Jersey
Ralph Greene / Full-Screen
Limited Shopping
Paramus, New Jersey, USA
Brian Richards / Full-Screen
Hazardous Conditions OR Limits To Growth!
Horseshoe Cove, Sandy Hook, New Jersey, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-New York
Mark Fink / Full-Screen
Not Just Fiddling Around...
Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Jean Guy Lathuilière / Full-Screen
Limits and Limitless
New York City, New York, USA
Jook Leung / Full-Screen
Memory Limits
New York City, New York, USA
Ken Stuart / Full-Screen
Greenhouse, Ltd.
Harford, New York, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Pennsylvania
Russ Addie / Full-Screen
4 to "L" 21 "M"
Harrisburg Ave., Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Will Brown / Full-Screen
The Al Capone Cell at Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Yischon Liaw / Full-Screen
Street Art
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Rhode Island
Edward Huff / Full-Screen
Astronomical Limits
Watch Hill, Rhode Island, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-South Carolina
Mike Moody / Full-Screen
Top of South Carolina
Sassafras Mountain, South Carolina, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Texas
Dave Albright / Full-Screen
The Bag Limit
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Pat Albright / Full-Screen
The Box Limit
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
J Pat Marse / Full-Screen
Santa Fe: San Francisco Street at Dawn
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

USA-Canada arrow USA-Washington
Jeffry Brewer / Full-Screen
Coulon Park Pier
Lake Washington, Washington, USA
Jürgen Eidt / Full-Screen
Piers 62-63
Seattle, Washington, USA

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