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Wrinkle Tribute

(December Solstice - 0608 UT, 22 December 2007 +/- 12 h)

Elizabeth Gentile

A Day in the Life

Caroling Geary

Color Healing with iBar TetraHelix

State of Mind

2007-12-22, 6:08 UTC (12:08 local time)

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© 2007 Caroling Geary, Some Rights Reserved. Creative Commons License

This panorama is a composite of world map at solstice time, color healing generated at solstice time and a model of a tetrahelix. On wholeo.net, I explain these things in detail but first to answer the question, "why no photographs?" Here is what happened in 1998 (my proposal with replies from Rabbett and other Wrinkle producers):

"I find the QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movie is a centering, 3D mandala-kind of space. In QTVR, I spin, like clay on a potter's wheel, being informed. Up to now (1998), all my QTVR movies have had at least one photo in them. See previous art, for background.

"But how about color? I need color and its healing language of light. Why not use my color generating program as the basis for a QTVR interactive experience in the round?

"It works technically with the software. It fits the usual definition of a QTVR loosely. It is a photo or computer-generated space. I explained the idea and asked other participants how important is it to Wrinkle to be photographic? How about a color QTVR? Replies were:

  • "QTVR's a new medium. There are no wrong content choices."
  • "Cool! Very cool! I like it!"

The Soundtrack is the end of "Conscience" from the website The Voice of the Heart at http://www.du21-12-2007au21-12-2012.org/ This French initiative invites us all to sing from our hearts starting on December 21, 2007. This event continues until December 21, 2012. The site is available in six languages.

A color healing is a geometric form whose colors are randomly generated. This tribute has a green background and several green nodes, which to me indicates fresh growth and harmony. The gold, blue and orchid nodes spark wisdom, intuition, and spirituality. But I let colors speak directly; it can be misleading to label them.

Optionally one can add randomly colored and positioned runestones and runesigns to the healing. Rune casting is an ancient tradition developed in northern Europe. This healing has signals and spine near the full moon on the world map. That could signify that the nervous system is aligned with world events and celestial bodies. Above is movement. Priest and prayer lead downwards to harvest, wholeness, breakthrough, prototet, and point below. That could indicate a focus on wholly increasing a breakthrough. Perhaps related to how far Wrinklers have come in 10 years. For me there is a sense of value and achievement in continuing this endeavor. Please blog your interpretations on the Wholeo blog.

The tetrahelix structure is a string of face-bonded tetrahedrons. The edges form a triple-helix. It encircles the globe to cinch/sync the good vibes and synergy of the MindField.

See below for links to background information supporting this entry.
Original 1998 Color Healing entry to a Wrinkle In Time event http://wholeo.net/Color/healing/EIE/clrEIE.htm

Color Healing Generator http://www.wholeo.net/Color/healing/EIE/colorGenerator/clrEIEgen.htm

Wholeo Online website support for this entry http://www.wholeo.net/Color/healing/EIE/clrEIEwrinkle10year.htm

MindField http://www.wholeo.net/Lookout/lookout2008/lookout08.html

Blog http://www.wholeo.net/wholeoBlog.html

Day and Night World Map for December Solstice 2007 http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunearth.html?iso=20071222T060700

Original Soundtrack page http://www.du21-12-2007au21-12-2012.org/Songs%20of%20the%20Heart.html

Wholeo Online, the search for the whole self at http://www.wholeo.net

Artistica / Panoramic Paintings

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I took the world map at http://www.timeanddate.com. At the moment of the solstice I generated a color healing at http://www.wholeo.net. I worked with images of a tetrahelix that I have been developing from making a model with pipe-cleaners, photographing it, animating the photographs. I used Google SketchUp, Adobe CS3 Photoshop and Flash to work with the images. MakeCubic creates the panoramas.

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