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Upcoming Event: March 2015

Weather / Climate – A World Wide Panorama

All images will be copyright by the individual photographers. Use in any way other than viewing on this web site is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the relevant photographer. If you're interested in using a panorama, be it for non-profit or commercial purposes, please contact the individual photographer. The WWP can neither negotiate for, nor speak on behalf of its participants. The overall site is copyright by the World Wide Panorama Foundation, a California Public Benefit Corporation.

About the Theme: Weather / Climate

  • it's something we all have literally at our doorstep! Just grab your camera and your tripod (optional), step outside, press button - Boom! Weather is hard to miss: Rain, Sun, Snow, Wind, whatever it is, it’s Weather!
  • it's also something that can be taken metaphorically, as in „feeling under the weather“ or the „climate“ of a workplace (for those who like the challenge of depicting something immaterial)
  • it can be anything from your everyday weather (which may not be as ordinary to someone viewing your panorama somewhere else on the globe – if you live in a rainforest, an arid place might seem pretty unusual; blue skies vs. cloud-rich places, cold latitudes vs. the tropics, you get the idea ... ) to the panorama of something extraordinary like unusual cloud formations or that thunderstorm at dusk at the horizon, shot with long exposure (put safety first if you really want to go for things like severe weather, mind you!)
  • it can be a landscape typical for your climate zone
  • Cities shape their own climate - both literally and figuratively ...
Yes, we did have “Atmosphere” once as theme, but that was A Long Time Ago back in 2007 - so let’s do this!
How To Participate
  • The usual guidelines on format, dimensions, and files sizes will apply. Refer to the section on Rules.
  • Open to all panoramic photographers. We don't want to exclude anyone who wants to join in, or to miss a potentially great panorama by a new entrant. So, welcome all - spread the word and bring a friend.
  • Shooting for this event must be done during the time frame of the event, in the time zone where you shoot the panorama, not the time zone where you stitch it (if you're on the road and crossing time zones).
  • The regular shooting period is from 1 January - 22 March 2015 (Weekend of the Equinox). The rest of March is within the limits, if you can get your panorama prepared and uploaded in time.
  • The preparation server will be open for contributions and editing at least until 29 March 2015. You can request your own account/profile page on the server during this period. It will then be closed for final editing.
  • The final site will be made public as soon as the administrative check is complete.
  • There will be a Late Edit period after the first edition is made public.
  • To get started we ask that you join our group and get on the mailing list. Go to and sign up. You don't need to be registered on the Yahoo group to participate in the event, but it is a good way to keep up with what's going on.
More information:
Rules and Restrictions
Dimensions and File Sizes
How to Upload and Edit
VR Photography Resources

Although all submissions that meet the technical and content requirements will most likely be accepted, the organizers reserve the right to refuse any individual submission.

About Themes
We expect our themes to do several things. Some participants view them as a challenge – they go to great lengths to find and execute the most perfect and challenging expression of the theme. That is great, and we have had some amazing examples of this – the epitome of the theme.

Others of us simply need some ideas, a few suggestions to get our creativity engine running. Our theme essays suggest possibilities, plus most people as they read will think of more. Discussion of the theme on the WWP list is encouraged – share your ideas, spur each other on, help each other out. It’s a collaboration, not a competition.

Sometimes that brilliant idea you originally had turned out to be too hard, or impossible, or illegal. Or you didn’t have the time you needed. Or you’re a beginner and need a straightforward subject. The theme gives you a chance to shoot whatever you can, then tie it into the group endeavor with the caption.


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