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Participating in the World Wide Panorama:
Rules and Restrictions

Updated February 2015


The idea is simple. Just photograph a VR image (cylindrical or cubic panorama, or an object movie) anytime during the open photography period. Prepare your single best, most interesting panorama, and upload it to the 'contributions' server. You may submit anytime during the contribution/upload period - usually at least two weeks during and immediately after an event (see upload instructions).


We would like everyone to join our mailing list (through Yahoo Groups, ), so we can track participation and keep in touch with you. But this is not required.


We need to keep this simple so we can create the site efficiently. So there are some strict limits on what will be accepted.

One* Contribution per Event. Please take as many panoramas or objects on as many variations of the theme as you'd like. And then select your favorite one to contribute to the WWP. Any extras can be linked to from your WWP page and hosted on your own server.
*) Some Events may host multiple contributions.

JPEG panoramic image as the main source, additional QTVR files are possible, too. Sorry, no panoramas embedded in Java, Flash, or Shockwave formats. In the light of ever-evolving playback technologies, we need to be able to simply plug in standardized files and a few text blocks, without the complication of additional external code. We also want consistent navigation and interface. If your artistic vision goes beyond our simple pages, we will provide a link to your site.

Mostly panoramas. We are assuming most people will do a panorama of a real place - both cylinders and cubics are welcome. QTVR object movies are acceptable also, but with the decline in QTVR usage web-wide they will most likely not be viewable by some visitors.

If you use QTVR: QTVR single-nodes only. This is a file size/bandwidth consideration. You can use url-hotspots to make your panorama on this site the beginning page of a multi-node series, as long as the other nodes are on another site (URL-hotspots should open a new browser window).

Dimensions and file size. We don't want to stifle your creativity, but we do have to specify some limits so we can fit all the panoramas on the same size pages. We have also specified maximum file sizes, to keep download times (and server bandwidth) under control.

See: Dimensions and Files Sizes

Full-screen ready, please. A fullscreen panorama is not a different type of file, merely a panorama image with sufficient resolution to look good when expanded to full screen size. Most source images bigger than 6000x3000 pixels will meet this request.


Only the shooting needs to be done during the event.

You will need some time to produce your panorama, especially if just beginning with panoramic photography, or if using film. The preparation server will allow submission of final panoramas during the last month of the event. Be sure to join our Yahoo Group to receive emails detailing the exact dates.

Submission is done with a web browser form. The preparation server allows you to register as a participant, upload your images, and type in the title, place, caption and other data. You can view it exactly as it will appear on the final site and make corrections right up to the deadline.

See: How To Upload and Edit

A preliminary version of the full site will be available for viewing by participants only during the submission period. After the close of submissions the site will be edited for consistency and completeness. The final site will be announced and available to the public shortly after that.


Each photographer will retain personal copyright of their own work (as specified in U.S. law). By uploading a panorama you grant us permission to use your work on the World Wide Panorama website ( If you upload audio or incoporate any pictures besides your own in your panorama, make sure that you have proper permission under US or applicable copyright law to exhibit that work. There will be no commercial use at all.

There will be warnings to users about respecting your copyright. The overall site (exclusive of the panoramas) will be copyright by the World Wide Panorama Foundation, a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.

Although all submissions that meet the technical and content requirements will most likely be accepted, the organizers reserve the right to refuse any individual submission.

PLEASE RESPECT THE ARTIST’S WORK. All images are copyright by the individual photographers, unless stated otherwise. Use in any way other than viewing on this web site is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the individual photographer. If you're interested in using a panorama, be it for non-profit or commercial purposes, please contact the individual photographer. The WWP can neither negotiate for, nor speak on behalf of its participants. The overall site is copyright by the World Wide Panorama Foundation, a California Public Benefit Corporation.