Borders (March 15–21, 2006)

Borders - Contributions by Photographer’s Name



Gulmayram Adiyeva:
Graveyard Overlooking Osh
Robert Julian Agnel:
A Time Before Borders
Rodrigo Alarcón-Cielock:
Vercovicium Roman Fort
Dave Albright:
Pedestrian and Vehicles
Pat Albright:
Pedestrian and Vehicles - Part 2
Markus Altendorff:
European Watershed
Milko K. Amorth †:
Equirectangular With Borders
Eric Anderson:
On the Set and Behind the Scene
Patricio Armijo:
The Border of the Road
Bryant Arnett:
Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" 1931-2006
Jerry J. Astary:
Sham and Fact
Olivier Auverlau:
Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World)
A Y R T O N:
Manguezal - Border of Life and Death


G. Donald Bain:
Building the Border Fence
Alex Balako:
Geographical Border, and Border Through Time - Events and Places Separating Nations
Joel M. Baldwin:
Guy West Bridge
Mark Banas:
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?
Lucia Bazan:
The Burrard Inlet
Luis Benitez:
Estupa Budista / Buddhist Stupa
Kat Bennett:
Grocery Borders
Landis Bennett:
Between Two Plates
Charles C. Benton:
Salt Evaporation Ponds - San Francisco Bay
Florian Bertzbach:
Peace and Violence
F. Sean Bickford:
The City of Thunder Bay versus The Fort William First Nations
Robert Bilsland:
The Malvern Hills or the Western Woods?
Andrew Bodrov:
Art Without Borders
Roberto Bolzan:
Borders of Winter
Patrick Born:
Borders - Packery Channel: Can't mess with Nature
Norma Boylan:
Achna Dam
Peter Braatz:
Christian Braut:
Gavarnie Circus
Ray Broussard:
Bordered by Levee Failures Since Katrina
Wil Brugman:
Imaginary Border
Boštjan Burger:
Russian Federation - USA Border


Duri Campell (Duca):
On the Border of a Ridge at Hoch Ybrig
Larry Cassis:
Penobscot River Crossing-new Bridge
Joby Catto:
Dogspace - Bridging the Cultural Divide
Carlos Chegado:
Walking the Oyster Shells Border Line
Uri Cogan:
Between Realms
Steve Cole:
View of England and Wales From Below Hay Bluff
Richard Crowest:
The White Cliffs of Dover


Frank van Dam:
Beatrix Sluis Vreeswijk
Dehua Yang:
Border: The Moat of The Forbidden City
Giancarlo De Leo:
Piazza San Pietro in Vaticano
Arie P. de Ruiter:
Borders of Hofvijver (Court Lake)
Marco Dessì:
Complesso di San Filiberto
John G. Dobbins:
River's Edge - Across The Boulderline
Bernd Dohrmann:
Nature Conservation "Farmer Marshland"
Richard C. Drew:
Border Apparitions - The Most Haunted Place in America


James Edge:
Walhalla Cemetry
Carl von Einem:
Snow - My Personal Border
Colin Ewington:
Garden Borders


John Fellers:
Central de Autobuses Americanos
Ignacio Ferrando:
Pyrenees Border
Edward S. Fink:
Spring on the Saint Croix River
Katy Flanagan:
Manatees at Alligator Hole River
Francis Fougere:
Niagara Escarpment from Dundas Peak
Martin Frech:
Martin Frost:
Border Between Winter and Spring
W.D. Fuchs:
From Winter to Spring
Yasuhiro Fujimoto:
Miwakare Park


Jacek Gancarson:
Neva Borders
Toni Garbasso:
Violated Borders of Planet Earth
Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano, PhD:
At the Border of the Border
Caroling Geary:
Between Sundial and the Hedge
Elizabeth Gentile:
James Gentles:
The Firth of Forth at Queensferry
Kaz George:
City Limits//City Limits
David Goldwasser:
Northwest Passage - Memphis Zoo
Wim Gombeer:
How to get out?
Sacha Griffin:
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum
Loic Le Guilly:
Between My Garden and the Bush


Hans Hagen:
Gabi Haindl:
Saalburg Fort
Andrzej Harasz:
On the Edge: Pleasure and Fear
Tim Hatch:
Fry Street
Makoto Hayashi:
Banzai :: Over the "Border"
K. Wayne Heil:
Wilson Bridge Project
Dan Heimsoth:
Duke Chapel
Bruce Hemming:
The Longman of Wilmington
Grant Hermanson:
NHCC Arboretum
Don Hofstee:
Bathroom Cows
Guido Homberger:
0° Centigrade
John Houghton:
Meridian Gateway
John J Housser:
International Beer Festival - North America
Mark Houston:
International Border
Martin Hrdlička:
Imaginary Border Between Life and Death


Andrey Ilyin:
Time Transforms Borders
Sachio Izumi:
Gunkan Apartment


aleksandar janicijevic:
Leslie Street, Toronto
Liesbeth Jense:
Where Four Borders Meet


Willy Kaemena:
Foreign "Prisoners"
Yoshiyuki Kaneko:
She's Still a Kitten
Dean Karamehmedovic:
Urban Wilderness - The Paiko Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
Terry Kelly:
Edge of Destruction
Ian Kerr:
Colin and Jack
Rikuichi Kishimoto:
A Border of Tokyo City
Wim Koornneef:
North Sea, the Natural Border of The Netherlands
Erik Krause:
Multiple Borders
Charlie Kulander:
Four Corners Monument


Juhani Laiho:
The Finnish Islamic Centre
Eva LaMar:
Bordering a Clear Cut Forest
Claudio Lanconelli:
Beyond the Border
Rusu Laurentiu:
Light and Shadow
John Law:
Guardians of the Southern Border
Jesse Lee 李景超(鱼眼龙):
No Borders Among 56 Nationalities
Brooks Leffler:
Magnificent Meeting at Bixby Bridge
Jook Leung:
Nightlife at Boston's with Jezebel Rock
Yuval Levy:
The Orchestra and its Audience
Yischon Liaw:
Little Corona del Mar Beach
Robert M. Lightfoot III:
Elks War Memorial
Mike Lin:
On the Border on the Deck
Jerry Liu:
Fly Over!
yunzen liu:
The Border Between the Changjiang and Han Rivers
Gang Liu:
On the Practice Ground of the Lakeview Golf Club of Kunming
Joakim Löber:
Höchster Main Ferry
Paco Lorente:
Mascletà - Noise or Some Kind of Art?
Bo Lorentzen:
Trains crossing the California Desert
Piero Lucci:
Dolina e Grotta della Colombaia
Marco Luethi:
One Man No Borders


Serge Maandag:
Westkapelle Sea Border
Alex Makienko:
Crossing the Border
Roberto Mancuso:
Borders Between Day and Night, Between Earth and Sky
Giorgio Marchetto:
Ruins of Lovato Water Mill
Jeffrey S. Martin:
Between Winter and Spring
Isaac Martinez:
Monteverde Cloud Forest
Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto:
Abbey Fields
Markus Matern:
The Missing Turnpike
Michael McKelvey:
Bridge Across the Lagan
Sjoerd Dirk Meijer:
Nightwatch 3D
Tom Merchant:
Minnesota/Wisconsin Border
Nick Milligan:
Skate Boarder
Alberto Monteverdi:
Ded'sà da l'acqua/Ded'là da l'acqua
Alfredo Mora Izaguirre:
Cementerio de la Abadía del Tepeyac


Katsufumi Nagamine:
Ikoma Skyline
Urmas Narits:
The Medieval Town Wall
Waleed Nassar:
Luxor Temple
Lee Nelson:
One Photo—Many Borders
Ben Nelson:
Big, Blue and Wobbly
Joachim Nickel:
The "Old Market" - Historical Borders
Bjørn Kåre Nilssen:
Four borders
Akila Ninomiya:
Can You See Strong Ghosts in This VR?
Jakob Norstedt-Moberg:
Limes Norrlandicus - Where the Taiga Starts
Andrew Novinc:
A Good Sheep Paddock Spoiled
Hans Nyberg †:
Danish Graveyards
Peter Nyfeler:
Sign Between Life and Death?


Peter O'Donnell:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Brian O'Reilly:
Radio Ignores Borders
Jose Manuel O´Donovan Soler:
Medieval Border Entrance
Michael J. Oistad:
The Final Border
Erik Olsen:
Ellis Island


Rodolpho Pajuaba:
Stress/Distress Border
Laura Pearson:
Snowmass Ski Area Boundary
Julian Pecenco:
USA-Canada International Border on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls
Steve Pendleton:
Hadrian's Wall and Housesteads Roman Fort
Mats Persson:
Århus Harbour
Norman Peters:
Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Parliamentary Triangle
Clemens Pfeiffer, MBA:
Wienerwald - Green Border of Vienna
Tom Pollak:
Lincoln Cemetery
Piotr Popik:
A Super-Computer for Chemists
Roberto Portolese:
Toronto Zoo
Mike Posehn:
A Border Runs Through It - The Cal Neva Resort
Tim Poulsen:
East Esker
Tommy Poung:
Boundary Street - Hong Kong


Thomas Rauscher:
Former Sector Border
Peter Rees:
Airport Koeln/Bonn
Carsten T. Rees:
Under the Border between Night and Day
Andrew Reid:
160 Kilometers of Blue Border
Gábor Rév:
Iñaki Rezola:
Borders: Us And Them
Hardy Richter:
The Temple of Herakles
Andrew Riehle:
Oregon/Washington Border
John Riley:
Blue Ridge Escarpment
Rolf Ris:
The Borderline of Trees
Thomas Rist:
Hereditary Enemies?
Pat Rooney:
Chinaman's Hat as a Border
George Row:
Let the Dance Begin
Scott Rowed:
Lake Louise Ski Area Boundary
Brandon Rowell:
Mississippi River from Harriet Island Park
Kerry Rudy:
Ice Hockey Blue Line
Dan Ruettimann:
Border Collie Smudge


Daniel S.:
Gerardo A. Sanchez:
Puppies Don't Like Borders - A los Cachorros No le Gustan las Fronteras
Nobutoshi Sato:
Others of One's inside, or the Border of One's Inside
Andy Savage:
Trent Lock - County Borders of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire
Anne Savage:
64 Square Feet
David Schaubert:
Fort Niagara on the Canada-USA Border
Peter Scherbarth:
Märkisches Viertel
Mario W. Schild:
The Wall of Stadelheim Prison - JVA München
Reinhard Schmolze:
Deserted Customs Buildings
John E Schwarzell:
A Cholla Garden's Last Equinox Dusk
Goran Sekulić:
National Park Mountain Lovćen
Norman Shapiro:
The Final Border
Bryson Shearwood:
Mens Triathlon (Bike Ride Segment) - 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games
Yasushi Shikano:
Environment and Architecture
Bob Shindel:
The Gates at Ocean Grove
Vladimir Shirokov:
Borders of Light and Shadow
Philip Silver:
What Will Be Left of Us When We've Left?
Yaniv Sirton:
Old Harbor (Caesarea Maritima)
Carlton SooHoo, Ph.D.:
Fort Lee - Border Between New York and New Jersey
Aaron Spence:
Landlubbers Beware
Shawn Steigner:
South Table Mountain Property Juncture
Skip Steuart:
21 Borders
Michael Stoss:
Passing the One Border
Tom! Striewisch:
A Border from Childhood Days
Ken Stuart:
Personal Borders
Pat Swovelin †:
Borders Are All Around You


Yoshito Takagi:
Furosaki Byoubu
Matthias Taugwalder:
Skiing Across Switzerland and Italy
Cash Teng:
Bank of the Tamsui River
Robert Thien:
Michel Thoby:
I Could Have Been a Pet
Alexander Thomsen:
Historic Highway
Christoph Tobler:
Borders in Medieval Times
Benigno T Toda III:
A Beautiful Island Border


Alessandro Ugazio:
Before the Athletes' parade Closing the Torino 2006 Paralympic Winter Games


Romuald Vareuse:
Road Protection
Andrew Varlamov:
Supporters of Football Team 'Zenit' Near Stadium 'Petrovsky'
Martin Vejrosta:
Red Church
Eric Verdier:
Looking For the Border, They Finally Found It for Always.....
Koen Verschaeren:
Gilles Vidal:
Dance in the Street
Bert Vierstra:
Head of Immigration, Singaraja Bali
Bernhard Vogl:
Hades Entry (Number Two)
Jared Vorkavich:
Mexican Village Near U.S. Border


Richard Wall:
Hanging Borders
Bill Ward:
The Old Blacksmith's Shop
Simon Wheaton:
View From Bimberi Peak - ACT/NSW State Border
Howard Wilkinson:
The Long Mynd
Robin Wilson:
Shakkin Briggie
Keith Wilson:
No Borders
John Wilson:
London Wall
Chris Witzani:
Medieval Cologne Border
Jan van der Woning:
Maas bij Stevensweerd, Muese at Stevensweerd


Jiannian Xu:
Yellow Line on the Top


Feng Yansu:
Keiji Yokotani:
Borders of Time in One Building
Walker Young:
Border Within a Museum
Fung Yu:
Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake
Kazuyoshi Yura:
Torii - Kamikawa Shrine


Jerzy Zamora:
Triangle of Three Emperors
Michael Zander:
Alter Elbtunnel
Stefania Zangrando:
My Childhood Border
Andrew M. Zubetz:
Center Mall on Kolomenskij Bridge

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